They say there's still no people. And it's not just artisans...

Unemployment rate swung to 2.7% in April 2019. No shocking jobs report, low numbers have been reported by statisticians for several years. We currently have the fewest unemployed since 1997. Wow.

Okay, nothing new. You're probably more interested in which crafts and skills are most in demand. What's the most scarce trade you can score in? Or even completely retrain and finally make some nice money.


Top ten most in-demand professions


Or rather, ten areas where you can shine. Unsurprisingly, the trend of missing artisans and people in the health sector is getting worse. 

And because people are doing well in the long term and the economy is booming, they can go for a beer in the pub or a Sunday goulash in a restaurant. So there is a demand for people in the hospitality industry. 


  1. CRAFTSMEN - a range of trades from electricians to welders to mechanics
    DRIVERS - not only truck drivers, but also public transport, vans, construction machinery
    ENGINEERS - mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc. 
    TECHNICIANS - quality controllers, technical employees
    SALES REPRESENTATIVES - representatives for companies, but also representatives directly for end customers
    ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE - accountants, auditors, financial analysts
    HEALTH STAFF - doctors, nurses and other nursing staff 
    MANAGEMENT - managers for all possible branches
    HOSPITALITY - chefs, waiters, hotel staff, etc.


According to ManpowerGroup, 2018


From office rat to dog groomer?

So, if there was ever a time to quit a crap job and go into a field that you may not have studied, but has been tempting you for a long time, it's now. 


Anyone who (really) wants to work has a job. Everyone has a job and therefore has money. Which they can spin off after work and give to others to earn again. Spinning the wheels of the economy...


But it also means that people are terribly busy, and once they're down, they quite rightly don't want to deal with other things that smack of work. They don't want to spend their evenings fixing cracked walls, trimming their dog Alice's overgrown fur and tutoring their offspring in English.



They want a well-deserved vegetation after work. So they hire a pro to do a lot of things. 


Freelancers and freelance specialists are on the move


The dudes and dudettes with trade licenses are getting the word. Firstly, for traditional jobs that are simply lacking in companies and beyond. 


But there are also brand new jobs being created. 


Action creatives respond to an overworked society. They set up a trade for activities that a mortal working as a manager in a corporation, for example, has neither the time, desire nor morality for. 

Did necessity teach Dalibor to hustle?


And sometimes they're quite bizarre services. Nowadays, you can hire a person who will go to the authorities to deal with annoying bureaucracy for you. Pick up your shirts from the dry cleaners. Or stand in line for you for concert tickets.


There are also freelancers who walk dogs for a living. Does that sound kinky? Not at all. A lot of those busy dog lovers, of which there are a record number in the country, don't get a chance to give their woofers enough exercise. So they hire a responsible person who loves dogs so much that they've made a hobby into a job. Brand ideal. That's why (so far, mainly in larger cities) the service is flourishing quite nicely just like this. 


And speaking of dogs... One animal fan makes a living transporting pets from point A to point B. And you might as well hire specialists who just transport musical instruments. 


These people were also probably once looked at as nuts and knocked on their foreheads that they couldn't make a living THERE. 


Who's having the last laugh...


Become a virtual assistant, they are in demand


And then there are virtual assistants. It's not an AI that looks like Arnold in Terminator. It's often people who used to work as assistants/assistants in companies and are sick of the corporate machine. They want to be free and their own bosses.


Well, and since a secretary has to play a role in a company ranging from a supply clerk to a travel manager and HR manager to a party organiser... such a "retired" assistant is an extremely capable guy. 


And she can transform into a freelance virtual assistant without much maneuvering. Only now she is based at home in the living room and handles everything remotely for her clients using the internet and the phone. And she works essentially paperless, so we can praise her for her eco-mode. 

Thanks to the economic boom, private enterprise is also flourishing. But a lot of freelancers can't keep up with the administration. Or they hate it. Or they're extremely bad at it because their strengths lie elsewhere. So why burn energy and time, why not hire a remote assistant for a few hours or for specific activities? 


You couldn't afford a "whole" assistant or assistant, but a few hours a month? He or she will handle everything you need and unlike your secretary, you don't have to pay health and welfare. You don't have to provide him with a chair or a computer. As a result, his services will cost you a pretty penny.


Everybody happy.


It takes an idea, but otherwise there's (basically) nothing stopping you

You may have been thinking about a career change for years. A complete change of orchestra... Instead of opera, jazz... 


It's a good time. It doesn't get any better than this. Unless you're waiting for a magical sign from above...


For as long as you can remember, your neighborhood has been telling you how great your quiche tastes? So if you're tired of sitting on your ass at the office and want to bake savoury quiches for hipster cafes, go for it.


And what else do they speak for? A lot of people today don't want to hire companies anymore. It's often hard to reason with a moloch. They'd rather hire a motivated freelancer who works for (and on) themselves. Quality, so they don't ruin their reputation.



Long live the skilled tradesmen!