About us

Why are we lumping tradespeople and the public together?

I've always tried to arrange and do everything myself. But as the crosses around my neck grew, I realized I didn't have the time or energy to do everything. And I'm not Ferd Ant, all kinds of work, am I? You also have to work, enjoy your family and when you have a moment, you'd rather go for a bike ride or a beer with a friend. And not in the evenings to fix the motorcycle, squat over the accounting or worry about the bought template and try to make a website out of it. And most of all, I just don't know how to do a lot of things, I lack know-how and experience. I first realised this when I was building our house, where we had one handyman after another.

And I finally figured it out when I wanted to put together a website and found out I didn't know how. That I needed a graphic designer, a copywriter, and some other guys. Otherwise, it's gonna be bad, and I'm gonna get hit over the head.

So I was looking for professionals to help me put it all together. Whether it was the house or the web. I wanted to choose them myself, the pros - so that we would have the same philosophy when it came to the concept of quality, be able to get along and so on.

But the most I could do was to make an enquiry, pray that it would turn out well... and let the web spit out the results. And it often turned out that I probably didn't pray enough. I could sell frustration by the bucketful back then. So when I'm looking for an expert today, I don't want just any site to throw me two or three offers - God knows on what criteria. I want to have an advisory vote, but I'll end up paying for that too, right...

Do you have it the same way?

We want a fair system, where the customer chooses the form of search and approaching the tradesman who catches his eye.

And the tradesmen in turn freely (and for free) choose the form of offers. And frequency too, so they don't work themselves to death and have the word holiday in their repertoire. I've chatted with a few of them at the top of my lungs and was surprised to find that they are frustrated and angry too. Maybe they're paying for a membership to some database but they're not getting any security of contracts.

So what if both parties were happy!

Make no mistake: we want happy tradesmen and their clients. A win-win, everyone is happy, hooray. that's why we connect quality tradesmen with their end customers.
No intermediate links that prolong your search and throw service fees, fees for breathing during registration, etc. in your way. Anyone who provides a quality service to customers can sign up for this app, from a roofer to a dog groomer to a freelance online marketer.

So how does it work?

We process each new freelancer's details promptly and add them to our database on the web. And website visitors looking for a handy pro can in turn submit an enquiry with a brief description of what they need solved. Or, they can filter the individual tradespeople in the database by location, line of business or peer rating. Those who interest them are put into WISHLIST. (You can get contact information for the selected tradesman after a simple registration.)

This way, each searcher quickly gets to the specific offers that are right for them.

Živnostníků.cz's mission?

We provide the end customer with a quality and safe selection of available tradesmen in the closest possible vicinity. And in turn, we give the tradesmen an equal chance to reap new business and time it wisely. And we do this for all registered tradesmen - no prioritisation based on fees paid. You just won't find them here.

So just make sure the quality is...

Exactly. We verify the quality and reliability of tradesmen based on user reviews. We recommend those with nice references from satisfied clients.

If you encounter any problems while using our app, let us know immediately via the Contact Us page. We really care and will help you with your difficulties.

A little something extra

Well, and like true heartthrobs, we thought of an extra ingredient, an extra benefit... So we invented the Bazaar section! You know - sometimes you buy a gadget that you use once or twice... It's a shame to spend the next ten years stumbling around in the garage. That's why you can sell or buy unwanted machines in our bazaar. They may not be new, but they can be put to good use. It's both ecological and economical. Oh, and placing an ad in the bazaar and buying in it are completely free. And you can buy a parrot with the money you save. Good, right?

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